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3 Years or 5 Years
Empowering dreams through strategic investment planning and flexible financial solutions.
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Minimum Investment: $1,500


Wealth Connect, a flagship service by BitGenix, is a gateway to curated investment experiences, offering two comprehensive investor packages tailored to meet your financial aspirations. Whether you seek fundamental insights or desire elite signals, Wealth Connect ensures you access the right tools and advice for your investment journey.


Ready to start investing? Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your returns. Join BitGenix's PMS I today with a minimum investment of $15,000 and set your sights on promising returns over the next 18 months

Assured Returns
BitGenix Pool Account offers secure and predictable returns with assured ROIs over an 18-month period, providing stability and certainty in investment outcomes.
Diverse Asset Classes
Access to a curated portfolio encompassing a wide range of investment avenues, including traditional assets, emerging markets, and innovative ventures, providing investors with exposure to diverse asset classes.
Collective Investment Platform
Acts as a collective investment platform aggregating capital from multiple investors, optimizing investment potentials by channeling funds into a meticulously crafted and diversified portfolio.
Expert Management
Managed by seasoned professionals with expertise in strategic fund allocation, aiming for growth while minimizing risks. The Wealth Pool's collective approach ensures a diversified portfolio, enhancing returns for all participants.
Flexible Investment Solutions
Offers tailored investment solutions suitable for both individual and institutional investors, catering to diverse risk appetites and investment goals. This flexibility allows investors to align their investments with their financial objectives.
Curated Investment Ecosystem
Provides an opportunity to explore a curated investment ecosystem where collective participation fosters growth opportunities and maximizes returns for all contributors.
Minimum Investment
Allows a minimum investment of $10,000, making it accessible to various investors, including individuals and institutions interested in diversified investment opportunities.


Dream Investment Categories:
BitGenix Goal covers a diverse range of investment categories, including Home, Car, Watch, Education, Jewellery, Marriage, and Other aspirations, each tailored to suit different dreams and aspirations.
Flexible Investment Structure:
Clients are required to invest only 35% or 50% of the product price, depending on the chosen tenure (5 or 3 years). BitGenix assumes responsibility for paying the remaining percentage. At the end of the tenure, the initially invested capital is returned to the client.
Fulfilling Dreams, One Investment at a Time:
By providing a structured investment approach and assuming a significant portion of the investment responsibility, BitGenix Goal empowers individuals to pursue their dreams without immediate financial strain.
Empower Your Dreams with BitGenix Goal:
Choose BitGenix Goal to transform aspirations into achievable investment plans, allowing you to realize your dreams while ensuring a secure financial future.
Wealth Pool
Minimum Investment
Minimum Contract
18 Months
Fixed as per the slab
Performance Fees
Not applicable
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Decade in Review: 10-Year Performance Analysis

Explore our comprehensive 10-year performance report encapsulating our growth, achievements, and strategic milestones over the past decade.

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