BitGenix Goal

BitGenix Goal
3 Years or 5 Years
Empowering dreams through strategic investment planning and flexible financial solutions.
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Minimum Investment: $1,500


BitGenix Goal, synonymous with Dream Investment Offerings, is a unique investment avenue crafted to help individuals fulfill their aspirations, from owning a home or a car to financing education, weddings, luxury items, and more. It provides a structured approach to make dreams achievable through strategic investment planning.


Tailored Investment Categories: BitGenix Goal encompasses various categories such as Home, Car, Watch, Education, Jewellery, Marriage, and more, offering tailored investment plans for different aspirations.

Flexible Investment Structure
Clients can opt for a flexible investment structure, investing only 35% or 50% of the product price, depending on the chosen tenure (5 or 3 years). BitGenix assumes responsibility for paying the remaining percentage.
Structured Approach
Provides a structured approach to turn dreams into achievable investment plans, enabling individuals to pursue aspirations without immediate financial strain.
Empowering Aspirations
Empowers individuals to fulfill their dreams, whether it's owning a home, financing education, arranging weddings, acquiring luxury items, or pursuing other personal aspirations.
ROI Aligned to Goals
Offers a proportional Return on Investment (ROI) aligned with the specific financial goal, ensuring realistic returns in relation to the investment objective.
Secure Financial Future
Helps in realizing aspirations while ensuring a secure financial future by gradually fulfilling dreams through strategic investment planning.
Minimum Investment
Allows a minimum investment of $15,000, making it accessible to a range of investors aspiring to achieve their financial goals.
Personalized Investment Planning
Provides a personalized investment planning approach, ensuring that each investment aligns with the client's aspirations and long-term objectives.


Dream Investment Categories:
BitGenix Goal covers a diverse range of investment categories, including Home, Car, Watch, Education, Jewellery, Marriage, and Other aspirations, each tailored to suit different dreams and aspirations.
Flexible Investment Structure:
Clients are required to invest only 35% or 50% of the product price, depending on the chosen tenure (5 or 3 years). BitGenix assumes responsibility for paying the remaining percentage. At the end of the tenure, the initially invested capital is returned to the client.
Fulfilling Dreams, One Investment at a Time:
By providing a structured investment approach and assuming a significant portion of the investment responsibility, BitGenix Goal empowers individuals to pursue their dreams without immediate financial strain.
Empower Your Dreams with BitGenix Goal:
Choose BitGenix Goal to transform aspirations into achievable investment plans, allowing you to realize your dreams while ensuring a secure financial future.
BitGenix Goal
Minimum Investment
Minimum Contract
3 Years or 5 Years
Proportionate to the goal
Performance Fees
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