Crypto Weekly Wrap: Top News, Trends, And What To Watch In The Week Ahead

May 1, 2024
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Buckle up, crypto enthusiasts! Digital assets are abuzz with exciting developments and regulatory tussles that will shape the industry’s future.

Bitcoin: The Flagship Crypto Takes Center Stage

Hong Kong’s securities watchdog, the SFC, has given the green light to launch Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, providing investors with a regulated and secure investment option starting April 30th. This move is set to open up new avenues for crypto enthusiasts and traditional investors alike.

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In a testament to its unwavering confidence in the world’s largest crypto, Elon Musk’s Tesla has helped onto its Bitcoin reserves for the seventh consecutive quarter, as revealed in its latest Q1 2024 earnings report. This steadfast commitment is sure to fuel further discussions and debates within the crypto community.
Meanwhile, Grayscale has announced its Bitcoin Mini Trust, a spin-off Bitcoin ETF with a much lower fee, in an attempt to regain investor interest amidst increasing competition in the market. Will this strategic move pay off? Only time will tell.

Ethereum: A Regulatory Battleground

In a bold move, Consensus has filed a lawsuit against the SEC, challenging the regulatory body’s jurisdiction over Ethereum. The complaint, lodged in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, argues against the SEC’s regulatory control over Ether, citing concerns of stifled innovation and economic repercussions. This legal battle promises to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing tug-of-war between regulators and the crypto industry.

Technology: Bugs, Rugs, and Security Woes

The Cosmos developers have patched a critical security bug in the Cosmos Inter Blockchain Communication(IBC) protocol, which had put a staggering $126 million at risk. Asymmetric Research had privately disclosed details of the vulnerability impacting the cosmos ecosystem, adding that it was patched before anyone could exploit it.
The significance of strong security measures in the dynamic cryptocurrency environment is starkly shown by this near-miss. Unsettlingly, during the past month, several Solana meme currency initiatives have experienced difficulties that have cost investors an astounding $26.7 million. The creators of Solana have cautioned consumers repeatedly not to invest in these kinds of initiatives.
However, even established influencers are participating in these activities, looking to scam unsuspecting users. This trend underscores the need for heightened vigilance and due diligence when navigating the crypto wild west.


The SEC is seeking a record $5.3 billion fine against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon for their role in the collapse of the Terra/LUNA stablecoin, signaling a significant crackdown on crypto misconduct. This move is sure to reverberate throughout the industry and could potentially set a precedent for future regulatory actions.
In other regulatory developments, the United States Department of Justice(DOJ) has arrested and charged the Samourai wallet with money laundering, alleging that they were operating a crypto mixing service. This crackdown highlights the ongoing efforts to combat illicit activities within the crypto realm.
Meanwhile, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA, has turned to Tether to navigate U.S. sanctions, aiming to safeguard oil transactions despite global skepticism and concerns over reliance on intermediaries. This unconventional move underscores the versatility and potential applications of crypto in the face of economic challenges.
Joining the global regulatory trend, Thailand is tightening its oversight of the crypto sector by blocking access to unauthorized crypto platforms. This move reflects the growing concern among regulators worldwide about the need for increased transparency and accountability within the industry.


As the crypto world continues to evolve at breakneck speed, one thing is certain: The coming months and years will be marked by a delicate balance between innovation and regulation. Bitgneix will be back with more crypto updates. In the meantime, remember to do your research before investing in crypto.

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