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BitGenix brings premier insights and recommendations about all things finance while providing you with the right investment mix that will work for you. We are one of the only players in the industry that offers dual advantages to customers looking for learning and earning opportunities in the financial sector.
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We want everyone to achieve their financial goals. That is why we ensure that
information is available at their fingertips.


With utmost transparency, BitGenix’s platform allows you to trade in the digital assets of your choice and receive money securely.


View the markets, check your order status, withdraw funds and make deposits with BitGenix’s best-in-class trading platform.


Invest in game-changing effects and unlock higher profitability than ever before. Blockchain stands to make your investments more efficient and secure.

Trading Calls

Our entry-level investment plans will ensure that all users get buying signals on our dedicated Telegram channel every day. This affordable plan will also notify investors of appropriate entry and exit points.

Spot Account Management

A product specially designed for no-risk takers. While the risks are low, the returns are solid.

Trading Management System (TMS)

This is an investment pool where various investors come up & pool their funds and get returns according to their proportion in the pool.

Risk Managed Trading Calls

Trading calls manage both your risks and wallet balance according to market conditions while getting notified of appropriate entry and exit. Customers can also apply the right quantity conforming to their risk capacity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I think of investing?

With investments, you should be able to achieve all your life goals, including buying a car, a home, funding your child’s education, or even your retirement.

Is investing risky?

All investments involve a degree of risk. The idea is to manage those risks and plan well by diversifying your portfolio.

How do I know where to invest?

BitGenix’s professionals will guide you every step of the way. Speak to them for more information about your investment plans.

What’s the difference between saving and investing?

When you invest, your money value increases. On the other hand, when you save, you are just putting money aside.

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