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About BitGenix

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Digital Blockchain & Trading

Specially designed for those who are knowledge hungry and want to make money through strengthened investments with solid returns, BitGenix brings the only learning and trading platform aimed at revolutionizing the digital as you know it. We provide real-time trade updates while also giving you the latest information in trading and investment. Get the best combination of training and trading only on BitGenix.
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Sustainable Investments

We offer innovative, analytics-based savings options. Change your saving habits for the better as we make investing affordable.

Wealth Management

Whether you are to retire or want your money to grow, BitGenix will always get it right. Our advisory can drastically affect your future standard of living.


BitGenix has access to a full range of services that can help you multiply your wealth. You identify the goals, and we will build a plan to achieve them.
About BitGenix

Our Mission

To elevate the company to levels of leadership and create benchmarks that will guide generations to come.
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One-Stop Solution for Your Investments

As we slowly evolve towards becoming a leading brand globally, we also dream of dissipating important information and insights that can help the world become more sustainable. We take pride in carrying data and turning it into intelligent information that will accelerate our and our partners’ progress, who rely on us for decisions with conviction.
Our story

The Journey So Far

Having sprouted itself in the mind of a spirited young novice, BitGenix grew fast and tremendously to open offices across international locations, catering to a global audience. As we advanced, we recognized that every investor was not thirsty for money. What they really wanted was information. And not just any information – they were looking for the right kind of data, analytics, and inference, which could not be found elsewhere. Thus, BitGenix began providing precisely what the people wanted –the right information with superior investment guidance that would change their worlds entirely.
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Our leaders come with years of experience and expertise across the financial and
investment industries. We work with an aim to make an impact and ensure that no one is
ignored in the financial system.

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